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  Administrative Procedures

15 Procedural Bylaws - June 2011
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Section E - Education Schools & Students
AP # Policy Name
APE-001 School Board Police Protocol
Related Forms: APE001A - Ontario North East Region Police and School Protocol
APE-002 School Emergency Preparedness Plans
Related Forms: APE002A - Forms for School Emergency Preparedness Plan
APE-003 Educational Excursions Procedure
Related Forms: APE003A - Request for Educational Excursion
Related Forms: APE003B - Driver-Vehicle Information
Related Forms: APE003C - Authorization to Transport Students
Related Forms: APE003D - Student Medical Information Sheet
APE-004 Protocol for Partnerships with External Agencies
APE-005 Special Education Equipment Procedure
APE-006 Procedures For the Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
Related Forms: APE006A - Forms for Procedures For the Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
APE-007 Admission of Resident Students
Related Forms: APE007A - Application for Direction of School Support
Related Forms: APE007B - School Lease
Related Forms: APE007C - Student Information Attestation Form
Related Forms: APE007D - ESL Eligibility Confirmation
Related Forms: APE007E - Declaration of Guardianship
Related Forms: APE007F - Voluntary Self Identification
Related Forms: APE007G - Acknowledgement of Admission-Elementary Related Forms: APE007H - Notification of Withdrawal from Parental Control
Related Forms: APE007I - Acknowledgement of Admission-Secondary
Related Forms: APE007J - Religious Accommodation Exemption Application-Secondary
Related Forms: APE007K - Letter of Acknowledgement from Principal Related Forms: APE007L - Discernment Conversation Guidelines
Related Forms: APE007M - Religious Accommodation Qualifies for Exemption
Related Forms: APE007N - Religious Accommodation Does Not Qualify for Exemption
APE-008 Admission of Non-Resident Students Procedure
Related Forms: APE008A - Custodianship Consent Form
Related Forms: APE008B - Other Pupil Admission Form
APE-009 English as a Second Language Eligibility Procedure
Related Forms: APE009A - Form for English as a Second Language Confirmation of Pupil Eligibility
Related Forms: APE009B - ESL Maplewood Screens
APE-010 Fundraising - Elementary Secondary Schools Procedure
Related Forms: APE010A - Annual Fundraising Plan
APE-011 Home Schooling
Related Forms: APE011A - Notification of Intent to Provide Home Schooling
Related Forms: APE011B - Sample Letter in Response to a Parent's Notification
Related Forms: APE011C - Gathering Information in an Investigation
APE-012 Provisions of Health Support Services Procedure
Related Forms: APE012A - Provision of Health Support Services - Forms
APE-013 Reporting Abuse
Related Forms: APE013A - Record of Information Form
APE-014 School Bus Harness - Procedures
Related Forms: APE014A - Form for School Bus Harness Request
APE-015 Prevalent Medical Conditions
Related Forms: APE015A - Appendix A (Letter Inviting Parents and Guardians)
Related Forms: APE015B - Appendix B (Consent to Administer Medication)
Related Forms: APE015C - Appendix C (EMS School Communication Protocol)
Related Forms: APE015D - Appendix D (Training Log)
Related Forms: APE015E - Appendix E (Medical Incident Record Form)
Related Forms: APE015F - Plan Of Care Anaphylaxis
Related Forms: APE015G - Plan Of Care Asthma
Related Forms: APE015H - Plan Of Care Diabetes
Related Forms: APE015I - Plan Of Care Epilepsy
APE-016 Extracurricular Activities
APE-018 Community Involvement and Christian Service
Related Forms: Community Involvement and Christian Service Information Package
APE-019 Safe, Accepting and Inclusive Schools Equity and Inclusive Education
APE-020 Safe, Accepting and Inclusive Schools Code of Conduct
Related Forms: APE020A - Safe Schools Incident Form (September 2014)
APE-021 Safe, Accepting and Inclusive Schools Bullying Prevention and Intervention
APE-022 Safe, Accepting and Inclusive Schools Safe Arrivals Safe Dismissal
APE-023 Safe, Accepting and Inclusive Schools Student Discipline
APE-024 Student Concussion
Related Forms: APE024A - Student-Athlete and Parent-Guardian Review of Concussion Awareness Resources
Related Forms: APE024B - Concussion Code of Conduct
Related Forms: APE024C - Quick Memory Function Assessment
Related Forms: APE024D - Documentation of Medical Examination
Related Forms: APE024E - Documentation for a Diagnosed Concussion Return to Learn and Return to Play Plan
Related Forms: APE024F - Concussion Stages Visual
APE-025 Selection and Review of Learning Materials
APE-026 Access to School Board Premises Procedure
Related Forms: Access to School & Board Premises (DENIAL OF ACCESS Letter)
Related Forms: Access to School & Board Premises (TRESPASS Letter)
APE-027 Related Forms: Request for Temporary Excusal
APE-028 Home Instruction Procedure
Related Forms: Request for Home Instruction
Related Forms: Medical Information to Support Application
APE-029 Secondary School Organizational Units (Procedures)
APE-030 Ontario Student Record
Related Forms: APE030A - FORM Request for an OSR
Related Forms: APE030B - FORM Confirmation of Receipt
Related Forms: APE030C - FORM Acknowledgement of the OSR
Related Forms: APE030D - User Guide for Ordering
APE-031 Control of Pediculosis
Related Forms: APE031A - Sample Letter to Families (Confirmed Case)
Related Forms: APE031B - Head Lice Information Sheet and Parent Consent
APE-032 Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals
Related Forms: APE032A - Application Request for Guide Dog or Service Animal
Related Forms: APE032B - Application Request for Service Animal
Related Forms: APE032C - Checklist for Principal
Related Forms: APE032D - Sample Letter to Employees and School Permit Holders
Related Forms: APE032E - Sample Letter to School Community
Related Forms: APE032F - Sample Letter to the Parents of Students on School Bus
Related Forms: APE032G - Sample Letter to the Parents of Students in Class(es)
Related Forms: APE032H - Sample Letter Decision Approving Guide Dog, Service Dog or Service Animal
Related Forms: APE032I - Sample Letter Decision Denying the Guide Dog, Service Dog or Service Animal
APE-033 Life Promotion (Suicide Risk Management Procedure)
Related Forms: APE033a Appendix 2 Central, North, South Suicide Intervention Flow Chart
Related Forms: APE033b Appendix 2a Moosonee Suicide Risk Management Flow Chart
Related Forms: APE033c Appendix 3 NCDSB Student Action Plan (Be Safe)
Related Forms: APE033d Appendix 4 - BeSafe Pocket card Timmins, South
Related Forms: APE033e Appendix 4a - BeSafe Pocket card Moosonee
Related Forms: APE033f Appendix 5 - 2017 Suicide Risk Management Review URGENT Form
Related Forms: APE033g Appendix 6 - Suicide Risk Management Review AWARE Form
APE-034 Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) Procedures
Related Forms: APE034A - Appendix A - Request for SAL
Related Forms: APE034B - Appendix B - Request for SAL Renewal
Related Forms: APE034C - Appendix C - SAL Plan
Related Forms: APE034D - Appendix D - SAL Transition Plan
Related Forms: APE034E - Appendix E - Employer Agreement for a Student in SAL
APE-035 Tragic Events Procedures
APE-036 Delegation of Authority >
Related Forms: APE036A - Delegation of Authority Acknowledgement Letter
Related Forms: APE036B - Delegation of Authority Logging Template
APE-037 Playground Equipment and Structures

Section B - Business Administration & Finance
AP # Policy Name
APB-001 Budget Timeline Procedure
APB-002 Administrative Expenses Procedure
Related Form: APB002A - Travel Expense Guidelines and Standard Kilometer Distances One-Way
Related Form: APB002B - Travel Expense Report-Employee
Related Form: APB002C - General Expense Claim Form
APB-003 Disposition of Surplus or Obsolete Assets
APB-004 Use of Corporate Credit Card Procedure
APB-005 Allowance For Use of Personal Vehicles Procedure
APB-008 Principal-Vice-Principal Allowance Procedure
APB-009 Purchasing Procedures
APB-010 School Generated and School Council Funds Procedure

Section C - Community Relations
AP # Policy Name
APC-001 Community Use of Schools
Related Forms: Form A-Key Deposit Form
Related Forms: Form B-OHS Weight Room Waiver and Release
Related Forms: Appendix A - Weight Room Information
Related Forms: Appendix B - Schedule of Fees 2019
APC-004 Distribution and Posting of Materials
Related Forms: Distribution and Posting of Material Authorization Form

Section H - Health & Safety
AP # Policy Name
APH-001 Reporting A Workplace Injury to the WSIB Procedure
Related Forms: APH001A - Employee Incident Report Form
Related Forms: APH001B - Principal or Supervisor's Incident Report
APH-002 Power and Water Outages Procedure
APH-003 Bear Wise Protocol
Section I - Information and Communication Technology
AP # Policy Name
API-001 Responsible Use of Computer Technology and the Internet Procedure
Related Forms: Form for JK-3
API-002 Personal Network Devices Procedure
API-003 Borrowing of Board-Owned Equipment
Related Forms: Borrowing of Board-Owned Equipment and Technology - Students
Related Forms: Technology Acknowledgement Staff Form (March 2019)
Section P - Personnel & Employee Relations
AP # Policy Name
APP-001 Postings for Non-Academic Staff Positions Procedure
APP-002 Posting for Academic Staff Positions Procedure
APP-004 Criminal Background Checks
Related Form: APP004A - Offence Declaration Form
APP-006 Leave Procedures
Related Forms: APP006A - Special Leave Form
APP-007 Joint Labour Management CUPE Committee Procedures
APP-008 Joint Labour Management OECTA Committee Procedures
APP-009 Performance Appraisal New Teachers (NTIP)
APP-010 Performance Appraisal for Experienced Teachers
APP-011 Performance Appraisal of Non Teaching Staff
Related Forms: APP011A - Performance Evaluation Plan
Related Forms: APP011B - Performance Evaluation Template (June 2017)
APP-012 Pay Equity
APP-013 Professional Development Committee CUPE
APP-014 Professional Development Committee OECTA
APP-015 Moosonee Settlement Allowance
Related Forms: APP015A - Moosonee Settlement Allowance Form
APP-016 Absence Reporting
Related Forms: APP016A - Form for Return to Work
APP-017 Confidentiality of Medical Records
APP-018 Disability Support-Early Intervention Accommodation and Return to Work
APP-019 Academic Staffing Allocation Timeline
APP-020 Educational Assistant Allocation
APP-021 Attendance Support Procedures
APP-022 Emergency School Closure
APP-023 Recruitment and Selection Procedure
APP-024 Personal Information Management Procedure
Related Forms: APP024A - General Consent Form
APP-025 Breach of Personal Information Procedure
Related Forms: APP025A - Privacy Breach Report Form
APP-026 Inclement Weather
APP-027 Resolution of Complaints
Related Forms: APP027A - Resolution of Complaints Form

Section T - Trustees
AP # Policy Name
APT-001 Policy Development and Approval
Related Forms: APT001A - POLICY TEMPLATE
APT-002 Development, Approval and Amendment of Board Procedures
APT-003 Trustee Support Services
Related Forms: APT003A – Trustee Travel Expense Guidelines and Standard KM Rates
Related Forms: APT003B – Trustee Travel Expense Report
APT-004 Electronic Meetings
APT-005 Trustee Support Services
APT-006 Replacement of a Trustee
APT-008 Delegations to Board Meetings

Section F - Facilities Equipment & Plant
AP # Policy Name
APF-003 Pupil Accommodation Review Procedure
APF-005 Community Planning and Partnerships
Related Forms: APF005A - Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline
Related Forms: APF005B - Early Years Accommodations in Schools Reference Guide
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