Code of Conduct


It is the belief of the Northeastern Catholic District School Board, that members of our Catholic school community are well disciplined, responsible and self-directed and promote respect, civility, responsibility and academic excellence. Our entire Catholic school community views this as an important social goal. It is the intent of this policy to outline conduct expectations and consequences for all students in our Catholic school community. The establishment of clear expectations for student behaviour will promote a fair and consistent approach to:

  • - classroom management
  • - a positive climate within our school community
  • - a school environment which is favourable to learning
It is the goal of the Northeastern Catholic District School Board:
  • - to develop a framework from which all stakeholders in our Catholic school, including administration, staff, Catholic School Councils, parents/guardians, volunteers and students cooperate to develop codes of conduct from which our children learn a sense of self-discipline that comes from a healthy respect for themselves and others
  • - to teach students that reasonable obedience, conformity to rules and regulations lead to understanding, productive and harmonious interactions with others
  • - to show that we care deeply about our students and want them to feel comfortable learning in an environment which focuses on academic pursuits embedded within Gospel values
  • - to encourage the parents/guardians as primary educators of their children to assist the staff of the school in respecting the Code of Conduct

You can download the school's Code of Conduct policy in PDF format from the link below:

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