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Timmins School Transition

The Timmins School transition is designed in conjunction with NCDSB Policy F-3 Pupil Accommodation Review and  Administrative Procedure APF003 Pupil Accommodation Review to facilitate discussion among school staff, board staff and community members around the transition of students and staff as a result of a pupil accommodation review decision.

As per NCDSB Administrative Procedure APF003 Pupil Accommodation Review, the following will apply to all transition processes for school accommodations:


The transition of students should be carried out in consultation with parents/guardians and staff. Following the decision to consolidate and/or close a school, the school board is expected to establish a separate committee to address the transition for students and staff.


It is important that the integration of students and staff into their new school community is achieved in a way that is positive and supportive of the respective school communities. The transition process will be conducted through consultation with parents/guardians, school staff, board staff and senior administration.

TRANSITION TEAM A team of leaders has been formed to work through the transition process.   Team members include:
            « Erika Adam, Manager of Financial Services
            « Darren Berthier, Principal (Sacred Heart School)
            « Louis Clausi, OECTA
            « Roslyn Gauthier, Principal (O’Gorman Intermediate Catholic School)
            « David Horton, Manager of Plant
            « Michele Mahaffy, CUPE
            « Andrew Marks, Community Relations Officer
            « Betty Pichette, Principal (St. Paul School)
            « Erica Raymond, Vice-Principal (St. Paul School)
            « Tricia Weltz, Superintendent of Education

Timmins School Transition Feedback:

If you have any questions or inquiries about the Timmins school transition please feel free to contact Andrew Marks, NCDSB Community Relations Officer, by telephone at 705-268-7443 or or by submitting your question of inquiry in this feedback space.





Regular Mail:

(705) 268-7443 ext. 3213

1-877-422-9322 ext. 3213

(705) 268-7499
Attention: Timmins School Transition

383 Birch Street North
Timmins, ON
P4N 6E8


Transition Team Terms of Reference

NCDSB Transition Team Terms of Reference Addendum (Updated Sept 2016)

Transition Team Meeting Minutes

Transition Team Minutes - June 21 2016
Transition Team Minutes - September 12 2016
Transition Team Minutes - October 25 2016
Transition Team Minutes - February 28 2017

Transition Updates:

Family Update - September 20 2016
Family Update - October 26 2016
Family Update - November 1 2016
Media Release - Catholic Elementary School Renaming Contest
Transition Update - November 9 2016
Transition Update - December 20 2016
Transition Update - April 6 2017
Transition Update - April 27 2017
Transition Update - October 4th 2017

School Naming Contest:

School Naming Contest Process

Supporting Documentation

APF003 - Pupil Accommodation Review Procedure
Ministry Key Findings re. Transitions

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