NCDSB - O'Gorman High School
O'Gorman High School

150 George Avenue
Timmins, P4N 4M1

Principal: Sean Robertson
Vice-Principal: Lauri-Ann Loreto Neal

School Secretary:
Pamela Baker, Danielle Paul and Jennifer Leblanc
Phone: (705) 268-4501
Fax: (705) 267-1550
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Welcome to O'Gorman High School, where faith, knowledge, and community converge to shape the leaders of tomorrow. As a Catholic high school, we are committed to nurturing not only academic excellence, but also spiritual growth and character development. Here, every student is valued and empowered to reach their fullest potential in a supportive and inclusive environment.

Within our halls, you will find a dynamic learning environment where academic rigor is complemented by spiritual growth. Our experienced staff are committed to inspiring curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning in each student. Through a rich and diverse curriculum, as well as extracurricular opportunities ranging from athletics to the arts, we encourage students to explore their interests, develop their talents, and become well-rounded individuals positioned to make a positive impact on the world.

As a vibrant community rooted in faith, we welcome all students to join us on this transformative journey. Whether you are exploring high schools for the first time or seeking a supportive environment to continue your education, we invite you to discover all that O'Gorman High School has to offer. Together, let us embark on a shared mission of academic excellence, spiritual enrichment, and service to others. Welcome to our O'Gorman family!

God bless,
Sean Robertson
Dr. S. Robertson


✞ Grade 9 to 12 - English
✞ Grade 9 to 12 - French Immersion

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