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Extended French

‚ÄčIn the French Immersion program, students achieve a high level of proficiency in French, while they continue to develop English language skills. From grades 1 to 8, they spend half of their school day learning in French and the other half learning in English.

In high school, students are required to complete 10 credits in French. By the end of the four year secondary school program, students will have successfully completed the sequence of four courses in French Immersion and a minimum of six courses in other subjects taught in French. By the end of high school, Immersion students have proficiency in both French and English. When they graduate, they receive a certificate of bilingual studies.

The Extended French program is another way for students to pursue learning opportunities in French. This optional program starts in grade 7 and provides for continued learning in the French Language. Students spend half of their school day studying language arts, social studies and science in French. In high school, students take four credits in Extended French and three credits in other subjects taught in French.

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