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  • Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

    The Government of Ontario funds the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP). It allows students who are at least 15 years old the opportunity to begin to learn a skilled trade while working towards the successful completion of a high school diploma. Students may have Registered Training Agreements (RTA) signed upon agreement of employers. Such agreements last for the duration of the co-op placement and the hours accumulated during this period may count towards a student's apprenticeship. Students who become registered apprentices under OYAP complete work placements through cooperative education. They learn under the supervision of qualified journey persons.

    For students who are still determining about which skilled trade they wish to pursue, there is the option of being enrolled as participants rather than as registered apprentices.

    Therefore, OYAP is a viable option for all full time students who are interested in skilled trades careers.


    OYAP allows students to:
    • develop specialized and transferable employment skills
    • apply classroom theory to practical work placements
    • network with local employers to gain employment references
    • get a head start by accumulating apprenticeship hours while still in high school


    Interested students must:
    • be at least 15 years of age;
    • have at least 14 credits;
    • be enrolled in school full time or part time;
    • work towards an Ontario Secondary School Diploma;
    • be a returning graduate who wants to do a skilled trade co-op placement.

    More Information Links

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    Ontario Job Bank -

    Downloadable PDFs

    The following are some helpful PDFs:
    Pathways to Apprenticeship - PDF
    Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning 2018 - PDF
    Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: A Shared Responsibility - PDF
  • Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM)

    Specialist High Skills Majors allow students to customize their learning to match their career interest. These programs are Ministry of Education approved and they focus student learning on specific economic sectors.

    Currently, O'Gorman High School offers an SHSM program in Health and Wellnessand Hospitality and Tourism

    In this program, students must complete:
    • a bundle of 8-10 courses
    • a co-op placement related to their career interest
    • certification and training (done free of charge)
    • reach ahead experience
    • career exploration activities

    SHSM graduates will receive an embossed SHSM seal on their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and a SHSM Record Card that documents the courses, training and certifications earned.


    SHSM programs allow students to:
    • earn sector-recognized certifications like First Aid, CPR or Working at Heights
    • network with local employers and develop specialized skills through co-op placements
    • customize their education and connect it to their interests and talents
    • access bursaries are available at some post-secondary institutions


    Interested students must:
    • be in grade 11 or 12
    • complete contextualized learning activities (CLA)
    • be working towards the Ontario Secondary Graduation Diploma

    More Information Links

    The following are some helpful links:
    Ontario Ministry of Education -
    Ontario Ministry of Education - SHSM -

    Downloadable PDF's

    The following are some helpful PDFs:
    O’Gorman High School Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) - PDF
    Health and Wellness SHSM - PDF
    Hospitality and Tourism SHSM - PDF
  • Cooperative Education (Co-Op)

    Cooperative education is a Ministry of Education approved program that combines classroom based education with practical work placements. Students may earn multiple credits (two, three, or four credits) as they explore a career pathway related to their interests and talents.

    The co-op program includes:
    • pre-placement activities to prepare students for their work placements by creating resumes and cover letters, refining employability skills, and extending their knowledge of important health and safety information
    • work placements where co-op students work and learn under the supervision of their employers
    • integration activities to allow students to reflect on their work experiences and plan the next steps in their career pathway


    A co-op placement allows a student to:
    • "try out" a career of interest to determine if he/she wishes to pursue this career
    • connect classroom learning to a practical work setting
    • gain valuable work experience to add to his/her resume
    • develop essential skills and work habits required in the workplace


    Interested students must:
    • complete a counselling interview with the co-op teacher in collaboration with other school officials

    More Information Links

    The following is a helpful link:
    Ontario Ministry of Education -

    Downloadable PDFs

    The following are some helpful PDFs:
    Cooperative Education Fact Sheet - PDF
    Cooperative Education and Other Forms of Experiential Learning 2018 - PDF Information about School-Work Opportunities - PDF
  • Dual Credits

    Dual Credit programs are approved by the Ministry of Education. They allow eligible students to take college or apprenticeship courses that count towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and their college diploma while they are still in high school.

    The dual credits available at the Northeastern Catholic District School Board are offered in partnership with Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology.


    Participating in dual credit programs helps students to:
    • complete their Ontario Secondary School Diploma
    • make a successful transition to college or an apprenticeship program
    • increase their awareness of the various college and apprenticeship pathways available to them
    • gain greater insight into education and career planning decisions.


    Students may be eligible if they are:
    • at risk of not graduating from high school
    • enrolled in a SHSM program
    • enrolled in OYAP
    • returning to high school to get their diploma
    • interested in exploring career pathways, including apprenticeships
    • looking for help with the transition to college or an apprenticeship program

  • OYAP Level 1 Trades Programs

    OYAP Dual Credit Level 1 Programs involves students completing a full semester of co-operative education in a trade with a portion of their time spent completing the Level 1 (basic) apprenticeship in-school training (trade school) at our partner college (i.e., Northern College of Applied Arts and Technology), while still in high school.

    In partnership with Northern College, Level 1 programs have been offered in the following trades: Electrician, Welder, and Automotive Service Technician. Other hot trades currently being pursued for the Level 1 program includes: Heavy Duty Equipment Technician.

     To find out what programs are offered for the current school year, please make an appointment with a Guidance Counselor.

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