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NCDSB 2023-2024 Public Budget Consultation

Each year, the Northeastern Catholic District School Board (NCDSB) invites its stakeholders, committee members, and staff to engage in a process of consultation relating to the establishment of Budget considerations and priorities.  The Board of Trustees and Director’s Leadership Team believe that this process provides a wide-range of information for consideration as we work together to establish the Budget Estimates moving into the next school year.

 Individual stakeholders, staff members, employee groups, and committees are asked to submit their input using an online forum, which can be found in the rotating slides of the NCDSB homepage.  The specific details to access the online submission are listed below.   The data collected is reviewed by the Director of Education and her leadership team each spring, and is used as part of the planning and development of the Budget for 2023-2024.  Kindly note that a summary of all the information received will be drafted and shared on our website by June 2023.    It is the intention of the Board of Trustees to consider approval of the Budget during the June Board meeting.

 Thank you for taking the time to share your perspective with us.  We believe that Public Participation provides a means for incorporating our stakeholders’ values, interests, needs and desires into decisions that impact our students and system operations. 

 The online submissions will be received until Friday, March 10, 2023.

Select the school that you will be referencing during this consultation (or nearest school to you):


1. Please list any additional resources that you would like to see at your local Catholic school, in order of priority.


2. Please list any additional programs you would like to see at your local Catholic school, in order of priority.


3. Please list any new priorities that you think the NCDSB should adopt.


4. Please list any ideas or suggestions that you may have to reduce expenses and/or re-allocate resources.


5. Additional comments regarding the Budget for 2023-2024?


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