NCDSB - Roles and Duties of the Board of Trustees

Roles and Duties of the Board of Trustees

Roles & Responsibilities

To function as a corporate board, being the legislative source of all decisions. Individual trustees are granted no authority through the Education Act;

To develop, maintain, monitor and evaluate policies and organizational structures that support and promote the system goals of quality learning by all, building communities of faith and operating safe and caring schools;

To act as stewards of Catholic Education by ensuring that:

    • gospel values are embedded in all policies and practices

    • provincial curriculum is taught by Catholic teachers from a uniquely Catholic perspective

    • support is provided for faith formation of students and staff

    • active collaboration is undertaken with our Catholic community to strengthen the Home/School/Parish relationship

    • To hire and evaluate the Director of Education, who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the system (i.e. the implementation of approved Board policies, plans and strategies);

To develop a shared vision and multi-year strategic plan promoting student achievement and attainment of the  Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectations;

To provide effective and accountable stewardship of the Board’s fiscal resources;

To ensure there is a process in place to allow individual trustees to bring forward their community’s perspective prior to a corporate board decision.

(Derived from the York Catholic DSB)

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