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Here are the policies that are currently in effect throughout the Northeastern Catholic District School Board. These policies are in place to enhance learning in a safe environment for both students and teachers.

Policy Consultation: Your feedback is sought in the development of policies for the Northeastern Catholic District School Board. Go here to view the policies available for consultation.

Policy Administrative Procedure Related Forms and Letters
B - Business, Administration & Finance
B-1 Signing Officers of the Board
B-2 Disposition of Surplus or Obsolete Assets APB003 Disposition of Surplus or Obsolete Assets
B-7 Trustee Honorarium APB007 Trustee Honorarium
B-8 Purchasing APB009 Purchasing
APB010 School Generated & School Council Funds
DOCUMENT: Travel Expense Guidelines and Standard Kilometer Distances One-Way
FORM: Travel Expense
FORM: General Expenses Claim
B-9 Administrative Expenses APB002 Administrative Expenses
B-11 Investment of Board Funds
B-15 Advertising
B-16 School Generated Funds APB010 School Generated Funds FORM: Annual Fundraising Plan
FORM: Change in School Principal and/or Administrative Staff

C - Community Relations
C-2 Communication with the Public
C-3 Community Use of Schools APC001 Community Use of Schools FORM: Community Use of Schools Key Deposit
FORM: Use of School Weight Room Waiver and Release
DOCUMENT: Weight Room/Fitness Safety
C-4 Distribution and Posting of Materials APC004 Distribution and Posting Materials FORM: Distribution of Materials Authorization

E - Education, Schools and Students
E-1 Access to School and Board Premises APE026 Access to Board and School Premises DOCUMENT: Denial of Access
DOCUMENT: Trespass Letter
E-2 Prevalent Medical Conditions APE015 Prevalent Medical Conditions LETTER: Letter Inviting Parent/Guardian to Meeting to Develop Plan of Care
FORM: Consent Form(Self and/or Employee Administer)
FORM: EMS School Communication Protocol
FORM: School Personnel Prevalent Medication Condition Training Record
FORM: Medical Incident Record
FORM: Plan of Care - Anaphylaxis
FORM: Plan of Care - Asthma
FORM: Plan of Care - Type 1 Diabetes
FORM: Plan of Care - Epilepsy
FORM: Plan of Care - Other
E-3 Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) APE034 Supervised Alternative Learning (SAL) FORM: Request for Supervised Alternative Learning
FORM: Request for Supervised Alternative Learning Renewal
FORM: Supervised Alternative Learning Plan (SALP)
FORM: Transition Plan
Appendix E - Employer Agreement for a Student in SAL
E-4 Admission of Students APE007 Admission of Students-Elementary and Secondary FORM: MPAC -Application for Direction of School Support
FORM: School Lease
FORM: Student Information Attestation
FORM: ESL Eligibility Confirmation
FORM: Declaration of Guardianship
FORM: Voluntary Self-Identification Opportunity
FORM: Acknowledgment of Admission Expectations for Elementary Students
FORM: Acknowledgment of Admission Expectations for Secondary Students
FORM: Notification of Withdrawal from Parental Control for Students 16 to 17
FORM: Religious Education Exemption Application - Secondary
FORM: Discernment Conversation Guidelines
LETTER: Letter of Acknowledgment (Religious Exemption)
LETTER: Religious Exemption Qualifies
LETTER: Religious Exemption Does not Qualify
E-5 Special Education APE005 Special Education Equipment FORM: Agreement to Borrow SEA Equipment
FORM: Request for SEA Equipment/Technology
E-6 Provision of Health Support Services in Schools APE012 Provision of Health Support Services in Schools FORM: Authorization for the Provision of Health Support Services
FORM: Authorization for the Administration of Medication
FORM: Student Record Form for Administration of Medication
FORM: Student Record for Administration of Medication
E-7 Delegation of Authority APE036 Delegation of Authority LETTER: Delegation of Authority Acknowledgment
FORM: Delegation of Authority Logging
E-8 Ontario School Record APE030 Ontario Student Record (OSR) TEMPLATE: Request for an Ontario Student Record
TEMPLATE: Confirmation of Transfer of an Ontario School Record
TEMPLATE: Acknowledgment OSR - Parent/Guardian
DOCUMENT: MOE Print Resources Storefront - User Guide
E-9 School Food and Beverage PPM 150 - School Food and Beverage Policy
E-10 Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting of Student Achievement – JK to Grade 12
E-11 Selection and Review of Learning Materials APE025 Selection and Review of Learning Materials
E-12 Student Attendance APE027 Student Attendance FORM: Request for Temporary Excusal
DOCUMENT: Attendance Concern Intervention Process
DOCUMENT: Attendance Support Activities
DOCUMENT: Strategies to Support Re-Introduction to Learning after Prolonged Absenteeism
E-13 Home Instruction APE028 Home Instruction FORM: Request for Home Instruction
FORM: Medical Information to Support Application
E-14 Playground Equipment and Structures APE037 Playground Equipment and Structures
E-15 Home Schooling APE011 Home Schooling LETTER: Notification of Intent to Provide Home Schooling
LETTER: Sample Letter in Response to a Parent's Notification
FORM: Gathering Information in an Investigation
E-17 Celebrations of Excellence – Elementary/Intermediate Graduation Ceremony – Secondary
E-18 Community Involvement and Christian Service APE018 Community Involvement and Christian Service DOCUMENT: Community Involvement and Christian Service - Information Package for Students and Parents
E-19 Educational Excursions APE003 Educational Excursions
APE006 Use of Private Vehicles to Transport Students
FORM: Request for Educational Excursion
FORM: Driver-Vehicle Information
FORM: Authorization to Transport Students
FORM: Student Medical Information
E-20 Response to Tragic Events APE035 Response to Tragic Events
E-21 Indigenous Self-Identification FORM: Voluntary Self Identification
E-22 Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals APE032 Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals FORM: Application Request for Guide Dog/Service Dog
FORM: Application Request for Service Animal
DOCUMENT: Checklist for Principal
LETTER: Checklist for Principal
LETTER: Sample Letter to School Community
LETTER: Sample Letter to the Parents of Students on School Bus
LETTER: Sample Letter to the Parents of Students in Class(es)
LETTER: Sample Letter Decision Approving Guide Dog, Service Dog or Service Animal
LETTER: Sample Letter Decision Denying the Guide Dog, Service Dog or Service Animal
E-23 Emergency Preparedness Policy APE002 Emergency Preparedness
APH002 Power and Water Outages
APH003 Bear Wise Protocol
LETTER: Classroom Poster
FORM: EPP for Special Needs Students
FORM: School Emergency Preparedness Team Update
REPORT: School Fire & Evacuation Lockdown Drill
LETTER: Poster for School Front Door During Lockdown Drill
LETTER: Parents Re: Fire and Lockdown Drills
E-25 Exemption from Human Development and Sexual Health Education, Elementary APE038 Exemption from Human Development and Sexual Health Education, Elementary FORM: Exemption from Instruction in Human Development and Sexual Health
E-26 Reporting Abuse APE013 Reporting Abuse DOCUMENT: Disclosures or Suspicions of Child Abuse
DOCUMENT: Allegations of Child Abuse by a Staff Member on a Student
FORM: Record of Information - Duty to Report
E-27 Control of Pediculosis APE031 Control of Pediculosis Sample Letter to Families (Confirmed Case)
Head Lice Information Sheet and Parent Response Form
E-28 Catholic School Councils GUIDE: School Councils - A Guide for Members
E-30 Joint Transportation Policy
E-31 Volunteers in Schools
E-32 Equity and Inclusive Education APE016 Equity and Inclusive Education
APE016A Religious Accommodations Guidelines
DOCUMENT: Religious Accommodation Guidelines
E-34 Safe Schools APE020 Safe Schools: Code of Conduct
APE021 Safe Schools: Bullying Prevention and Intervention
APE022 Safe Schools: Promoting Positive Student Behaviour
APE023 Safe Schools: Suspension and Expulsion
DOCUMENT: Expulsion Hearing Guidelines (October 2020)
DOCUMENT: Appeals - Student Discipline
E-35 Inclement Weather APE040 Inclement Weather
E-36 Emergency School Closure APE039 Emergency School Closure
APE040 Inclement Weather
E-38 Student Concussion APE024 Student Concussion FORM: Student-Athlete and Parent-Guardian Review of Concussion Awareness Resources
FORM: Concussion Code of Conduct
FORM: Quick Memory Function Assessment
FORM: Documentation of Medical Examination
FORM: Return to Learn and Return to Play Activity Plan
POSTER: Concussion Return to Work/Play - Graphic

F - Facilities, Equipment & Plant
F-1 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and Planning
F-3 Pupil Accommodation Review APF003 Pupil Accommodation Review
F-4 Borrowing Board-Owned Equipment API003 Borrowing Board-Owned Equipment
APE005 Special Education Equipment
F-5 Community Planning and Partnerships APF005 Community Planning and Partnerships Ministry of Education - Community Planning and Partnerships
GUIDE: Early Years Accomodations in School
F-6 Teacherages - Moosonee APF006 Teacherages Moosonee FORM: Residential Tenancy Agreement

H - Health & Safety
H-1 Health & Safety APH001 Reporting a Workplace Injury to WSIB - Sick Leave Access Employee Incident Report
Principal/Supervisor Incident Report
H-2 Workplace Harassment Prevention NCDSB Workplace Harassment Prevention Program
H-3 Workplace Violence Prevention NCDSB Workplace Violence Prevention Program
H-4 Smoke-Free Environment

I - Information Technology
I-1 Video Surveillance in Schools and School Buses API004 Video Surveillance
I-2 Responsible Use of Information and Communication Technology API001 Responsible Use of Information and Communication Technology FORM: Responsible Use of Information and Communication Technology- K to 3
I-3 Assignment & Use of Board-Owned Technology API003 Borrowing Board -Owned Equipment FORM: Borrowing of Board-Owned Equipment and Technology - Students
FORM: Borrowing of Board-Owned Equipment and Technology - Staff
I-5 Website and Social Media API001 Responsible Use of Information and Communication
I-6 Hand-Held (Mobile) Wireless Communication Device API001 Responsible Use of Information and Communication

P - Personnel and Employee Relations
P-1 Long-Term Leave Without Pay
P-2 Leave for Political or Community Appointments
P-3 Indemnification of Members of the Board and Employees
P-4 Personal Information Management APP024 Personal Information Management
APP025 Breach of Personal Information
FORM: Consent to the Collection and/or Release of Personal Information
FORM: Privacy Breach Report
P-5 Criminal Background Checks APP004 Criminal Background Checks
P-6 Teacher Hiring - Conflict of Interest APP023 Recruitment and Selection
P-7 Performance Appraisals APP009 Performance Appraisal (New Teachers)
APP010 Performance Appraisal (Experienced Teachers)
APP011 Performance Appraisal Plan
APP012 Performance Appraisal (Principals and Vice-Principals)
APP013 Performance Appraisal (Supervisory Officers)
PLAN: Performance Evaluation Plan
TEMPLATE: Performance Evaluation of Non-Teaching Staff
FORM: Performance Evaluation of Non-Teaching Staff
P-8 Progressive Discipline of Employees APP008 Progressive Discipline
P-9 Recruitment and Selection APP023 Recruitment and Selection
P-10 Transfer of Principals/ Supervisors or Vice-Principals APP001 Transfer of Principal/Vice-Principal
P- 12 NCDSB Staff Uniforms
P-13 Employee Support Program APP016 Absence Reporting
APP017 Confidentiality of Medical Records
APP018 Disability Support: Early Intervention
APP021 Attendance Support
TEMPLATE: Remain at Work Plan
TEMPLATE: Return to Work Plan
P-16 Resolution of Complaints APP027 Resolution of Complaints FORM: Resolution of Complaints
P-17 Employee Travel for Board Business
P-18 Line of Responsibility

T - Trustees
T-6 Electronic Meetings APT004 Electronic Meetings
T-8 Delegations to Board Meetings APT008 Delegations to Board Meetings
T-9 Director Performance Appraisal APT005 Director of Education Performance Appraisal FORM: Stakeholder Questions
FORM: Summative Appraisal Report
T-10 Public Participation APB001 Budget Timeline
T-11 Replacement of a Trustee APT006 Replacement of a Trustee
T-14 Trustee Support Services APT003 Trustee Support Services GUIDELINES: Trustee Travel Expense Form Guidelines
FORM: Trustee Travel Expense Report
T-15 Student Trustee
T-16 Policy Development and Approval APT001 Policy Development and Approval Policy Template

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