NCDSB - Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

NCDSB Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

What Does SDS Stand For

SDS stands for “Safety Data Sheet”, and a Safety Data Sheet is a document summarizing the potential health effects, chemical make-up, storage, use, handling, safe work practices and emergency procedures related to hazardous materials.

A SDS is Presented in a 16 Section Format

A SDS is presented in a user-friendly, 16-section format and is not meant to be complicated. It is, however, indispensable; very few things are more important than knowing the hazards of a material before you start using it. Because they are prepared by the manufacturer, the SDS is much more informative and detailed than the label on containers.

SDSs inform you of the following things:

  • the material’s chemical make-up;
  • the material’s properties and/or fast-acting health effects that could make it potentially dangerous to handle;
  • the types of protective gear you will need to wear to work safely with the material;
  • the first aid treatment information required when someone is exposed to the material; and
  • how you should respond to accidents.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that SDSs are sent by all chemical manufacturers to purchasers

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