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Here are the policies that are currently in effect throughout the Northeastern Catholic District School Board. These policies are in place to enhance learning in a safe environment for both students and teachers.

Policy Consultation: Your feedback is sought in the development of policies for the Northeastern Catholic District School Board. Go here to view the policies available for consultation.

Section B - Business Administration & Finance
Policy # Policy Name
B-1 Signing Officers of the Board
B-2 Disposition of Surplus or Obsolete Assets
B-3 To be reassigned
B-4 To be reassigned
B-5 To be reassigned
B-6 To be reassigned
B-7 Trustee Honorarium
B-8 Purchasing
B-9 Administrative Expenses
B-10 To be reassigned
B-11 Investment of Board Funds
B-12 To be reassigned
B-13 To be reassigned
B-14 To be reassigned
B-15 Advertising
B-16 School Generated Funds
B-17 To be reassigned
Section C - Community Relations
Policy # Policy Name
C-1 To be reassigned
C-2 Communication with the Public
C-3 Community Use of Schools
C-4 Distribution and Posting of Materials
Section E - Education, Schools, & Students
Policy # Policy Name
E-1 Access to School and Board Premises
E-2 Prevalent Medical Conditions
E-3 Supervised Alternative Learning SAL
E-4 Admission of Students
E-5 Special Education
E-6 Provisions of Health Support Services in Schools
E-7 Delegation of Authority
E-8 Ontario Student Record
E-9 School Food and Beverage
E-10 Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of Student Achievement: Full Day Kindergarten Program to Grade 12
E-11 Selection and Review of Learning Materials
E-12 Student Attendance
E-13 Home Instruction
E-14 Playground and Equipment Structures
E-15 Home Schooling
E-16 To be re-assigned
E-17 Celebrations of Excellence - Elementary
Graduation Ceremony - Secondary
E-18 Community Involvement and Christian Service
E-19 Educational Excursions
E-20 Response to Tragic Events
E-21 Indigenous Self-Identification
E-22 Student Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals
E-23 Emergency Preparedness
E-24 To be re-assigned
E-25 Exemption from Human Development and Sexual Health Education
E-26 Reporting Abuse
E-27 Control of Pediculosis
E-28 Catholic School Councils
Related Document: School Councils A Guide for Members
E-29 To be re-assigned
E-30 Joint Transportation
E-31 Volunteers in Schools
E-32 Equity and Inclusive Education
E-33 To be re-assigned
E-34 Safe Schools
E-35 Inclement Weather Policy
E-36 Emergency School Closure
E-37 To be re-assigned
E-38 Student Concussion
Section F - Facilities, Equipment, & Plant
Policy # Policy Name
F-1 Accessibility Standards for Customer Service and Planning
F-2 To be re-assigned
F-3 Pupil Accommodation Review
F-4 Borrowing Board-Owned Equipment
F-5 Community Planning and Partnerships
F-6 Teacherages Moosonee
Section H - Health & Safety
Policy # Policy Name
H-1 Health and Safety
H-2 Workplace Harassment Prevention
H-3 Workplace Violence Prevention
H-4 Smoke Free Environment
Section I - Information and Communication Technology
Policy # Policy Name
I-1 Video Surveillance in Schools, Facilities and School Buses
I-2 Responsible Use of Information and Communication Technology
I-3 Assignment and Use of Board-Owned Technology – Staff
Related Form: Technology Acknowledgement Staff Form (March 2019)
I-4 To be reassigned
I-5 Website and Social Media
I-6 Hand-Held (Mobile) Wireless Communication Device
Section P - Personnel & Employee Relations
Policy # Policy Name
P-1 Long-Term Leave Without Pay
P-2 Leave for Political or Community Appointments
P-3 Indemnification of Members of the Board and Employees
P-4 Personal Information Management
P-5 Criminal Background Checks
P-6 Teacher Hiring Conflict of Interest
P-7 Performance Appraisals
P-8 Progressive Discipline of Employees
P-9 Recruitment and Selection
P-10 Transfer of Principals/Vice-Principals
P-11 To be re-assigned
P-12 NCDSB Staff Uniforms
P-13 Employee Support Program
P-14 To be re-assigned
P-15 To be re-assigned
P-16 Resolution of Complaints
P-17 Use of Personal Vehicles by Staff for Board Business
P-18 Line of Responsibility
Section T - Trustees
Policy # Policy Name
T-1 To be reassigned
T-2 To be reassigned
T-3 To be reassigned
T-4 To be reassigned
T-5 To be reassigned
T-6 Electronic Meetings
T-7 To be reassigned
T-8 Delegations to Board Meetings
T-9 Director of Education Performance Appraisal
T-10 Public Participation
T-11 Replacement of a Trustee
T-12 Duties of the Chairperson
T-13 Division of Duties and Responsibilities between the Board of Trustees and the Director of Education
T-14 Trustee Support Services
T-15 Student Trustee
T-16 Policy Development and Approval
T-17 To be reassigned

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